The Rainbow Cake

I will never forget the excitement I felt as a child when I was asked to choose my birthday cake from the Woman’s Weekly Cookbook. Then to see it in all its glory, with the candles lit and everyone singing happy birthday to me…. was well….. just the icing on the cake and oh how special I felt!

That is why every year since my daughter was born I have tried my hardest to produce a spectacular cake that would ignite that excitement in her. I want her to feel so special as the song is sung and the children try to stick their fingers in the icing and all eyes are on the birthday cake and the birthday girl.

For her first birthday I made a butterfly, for her third a tribute to Dora and well I have to say that they are never without their flaws and always contain an element of the night before stress of icing everywhere and lumpy and things not going quite the way I want them to. But this year for her 5th birthday I would like to applaud myself on the success of my 7 layered rainbow cake! It was a sight to behold both inside and out and it tasted absolutely amazing! I found the inspiration and the recipe and method on pinterest and oh how proud I felt as every single crumb was eaten up by both adults and children at the party!

If you want to impress I would definitely attempt this at least once! The Rainbow Cake is my greatest cake creation to date and I think if you follow the recipe it is achievable even if you are a beginner. Thank you Rainbow Cake, you photographed well, tasted great and made my little girls eyes light up for her moment in the spotlight.

Written by Melanie O'Brien

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