The Beach Themed Party

Our very own Lola Bella Butterfly is turning 7! It seems like yesterday she was a little bug wrapped up in her cocoon and now her wings just keep getting bigger and stronger and more and more beautiful every day! We live on the beach in Cronulla so it makes sense this year to throw a beach themed party….bring on the sunshine! Beach Birthday Girl

Party Preparations

I am feeling on top of the party preparations and so far its all looking like coming together nicely! Here are the steps I have taken to plan the event in true Mel in a box style:

  1. Created a vision board with interesting tips for beach parties on Pinterest. Check this out at Melinabox on Pinterest
  2. Made a list of games that we will play on the beach with my daughter. Knowing what you are going to play up front means you can shop for the necessary items needed for the games.
  3. Spoke to my mother in law – the worlds best cupcake maker – for some tips on cakes. Traditionally we work as a team, she does the cupcakes and I make the birthday cake. I couldn’t do it without her though as she usually provides the cake toppers and decorations that she makes for the cupcakes and I pop them on my cake! Stay tuned… to come after Sunday!
  4. Went shopping for the decorative elements I need to theme this event. The first shop was a 5 hour session! I find I get my best inspiration whilst wandering around shops and browsing. The 2nd shop was for food and only took 2 hours!
  5. Sat down with Lola on a rainy day last week and painted the shells for our first game The Shell Hunt. We popped on an uplifting movie….Mamma Mia….one of my favourites, and sang as we painted the shells all sorts of bright colours. This will make them easy to spot on the beach. Once the children collect these shells in the buckets and spades they will each be given at the start of the party, they will use them to decorate their sand castles in the next game which is….you guessed it a sand castle competition. I am definitely excited to post these photos after the event so make sure to come back and check them out after Sunday!Shell Painting Activity
  6. A quick consultation with my mother in law and picked up the ingredients for my cake.
  7. Made a list of all of the things I need to pick up to make the event work like tressel tables and chairs, beach umbrella’s etc and gave it to the husband! One of the key things in planning an event like this is to allocate where possible and reduce your stress levels.

The Games on the Beach

1. Shell Hunt – we will give each child a bucket and spade to use and then take home. This makes a lovely alternative to toys in the lolly bag. Coloured shells will be scattered around waiting to be found.Shell Hunt

2. Sand castle competition – using their buckets the children will be given 10 minutes to make their own sandcastle and decorate it with the shells they found.

3. Make me a Mermaid Tail – partner up and make your friend a mermaid! We will take photos of each of the children and send them to them after the party as a thankyou!

4. Shells in a Jar Guessing Competition – fill it up and let them guess how many!

5. Tunnel Ball – we bought some bright coloured Barbie Beach balls and we will make two teams and have a race!

6. Crab Race – Draw a start and finish line and get all of the children to pretend to be crabs in a race to the finish!

7. Fill the Bucket – Fill one bucket up with water and get the children to use their spades to transfer the water to the other end where an empty bucket is waiting. We can do this as a race in teams or maybe in two’s.

8. Musical Surfers- No party is complete without some music and dancing and how lovely to kick off the shoes and dance in the sand! We will be playing all of the usual games to music like musical statues but instead of freezing as you are we will get the kids to freeze like they are rinding a surf board!

9. Musical Towels – pop the towels around instead of chairs and take one away each time!

10. The Limbo – Line them up and watch them go under the rope as it gets lower and lower!

The Beach Party Food

This year the party is from 10am till 12pm so we are keeping it simple:

1. Beach Balls – Cheese and bacon balls

2. Coral Bread – Use a starshaped cutter to cut the bread and decorate with the longer hundreds and thousands

3. Watermelon – Fresh, summery and healthy for a mid morning snack

4. The Sandcastle Birthday Cake and Beach and Sand Cupcakes – This is the main feature so lets pray it works out!

5. Beach Jelly’s – Blue Jelly with some cake sand and a beach umbrella

6. Water! – They don’t need juice or soft drinks….what do we drink at the beach? Water!

The Props 

We found everything to theme it up on our 5 hour shopping trip to Miranda Westfield:

Check out the before photo and then come back to see it all work together after Sunday!


Party Props

The Beach Themed Party Props

Beach Theme Paperie

I absolutely can’t wait to see the whole thing come together on Sunday! I live for this! The planning, the shopping, the set up and most of all the smile on my daughters face on her birthday!

If you don’t enjoy this type of event planning…why not let me do it for you! I offer an event planning service so check it out here or call me on 0402 794 130.

Written by Melanie O'Brien

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