Face Painting

At Mel in a box we love face painting! There is nothing cuter than a photo album full of face painted friends at your party! We have been face painting for a while and have become pretty good at it too!

Mel’s favourite thing to do with face paint is to match the colours with the clothes you are wearing. It doesn’t work as well with the boys, but with the girls it looks absolutely georgous!

There are many ways we can paint your face and here are some examples.

We can match the face paint to the theme of the party and girls usually go for this sort of thing. Some examples are:

 At Fairy Parties we usually do lots of Fairy faces with pretty flowers and butterflys

Disco Divas, Princesses, Popstars and Australian Idols usually like glitter make-up

 We can do requests as well and usually boys particularly like to make requests.
Some examples are:

Lion, Tiger, Pirate,  Harry Potter, Vampire, Monster, Dolphin, Suns and Stars, Batman, Spiderman, Cat, Rabbit, Footy Team War Paint, The Incredible Hulk, Cars, Trains, Dragons, Snakes etc

If you would like something which has not been listed please ask us at the party and we will do our best to make you happy.