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Children’s Stories Read Aloud by Fairy Mel

Mel in a box Children’s Entertainment is proud to present a collection of children’s stories read aloud on You Tube. These videos have been produced with the aim of spreading joy to children all over the world. We would all agree that most toddlers and children love to sit down for story time with mummy or daddy and most little ones love fairies. We would all also agree that most mums have moments in their day when they just need 5 or 10 minutes time out to themselves! There is no shame in it, in fact, grabbing those 5 minutes could mean the difference between you being a loving, attentive mummy or a grumpy, short tempered mummy.

Now you can take the 5 minutes and trust the Mel in a box Children’s Entertainment Channel on you tube to provide your child with an educational experience that promotes happiness and aims to assist with their overall well being. You can sit back, relax and let Fairy Mel read them a children’s story aloud. All of the stories selected are written by the best children’s authors and illustrated beautifully with lovely story lines that teach children about feelings & how loved and special they are. I try to select books that take children on a wonderful journey into the world of their own unique and magical imaginations.

I hope that you enjoy Story Time with Fairy Mel and that it becomes a saviour for you in your time of need and a beautiful opportunity for your children to enjoy the magic and wonder of books read aloud by a fairy. You can watch now by clicking on this link Mel in a box Children’s Entertainment on You Tube

Children's stories read aloud

You tube channel containing story time with Fairy Mel videosMel in a box Children’s Entertainment You Tube Channel

Written by Melanie O'Brien

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