Children’s stories read aloud on You Tube – Watch Now

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Children’s Stories Read Aloud by Fairy Mel Mel in a box Children’s Entertainment is proud to present a collection of children’s stories read aloud on You Tube. These videos have been produced with the aim of spreading joy to children all over the world. We would all agree that most toddlers and children love to sit down […]


Dress up play boosts kids self esteem

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How does dress up play boost self esteem? As a little girl growing up in the 70’s my favourite playtime activity was dress up play and pretending to be someone I admired. I had hardly any hair until I was 3 years old and when it grew it was white blonde, short and curly. I […]


The Beach Themed Party

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Our very own Lola Bella Butterfly is turning 7! It seems like yesterday she was a little bug wrapped up in her cocoon and now her wings just keep getting bigger and stronger and more and more beautiful every day! We live on the beach in Cronulla so it makes sense this year to throw […]


Parties in June

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We are off to little Knox’s 2nd birthday on Saturday…….let’s hope it’s a lovely sunny day so little penguins can play!


Darling Bub of May

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We love little Keily……our darling bub of May!


April Diamond

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It was my own Lola Bella Butterfly’s birthday on the 24th April. This year Lola was ‘thinking bee’ so we threw her a colourful garden bug party……you just had to see!


March Birthday Girl

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Little Olivia turned 2 years old. Happy Birthday Livvy, we had a lovely time at your party!