About Mel

Hi I’m Mel!

Step back in time…..

Whilst at school I always had a sincere love of children. I was fortunate enough to be able to combine this with another of my great loves, dancing and performing, by teaching jazz ballet to 4-10 yr olds. My love of children led me to study Early Childhood Education at both TAFE and University, I also nannied in Sydney and Turkey and worked in Long Day Care Centres.

Growing my wings…….

So how does one become a fairy you might ask? Well that is an interesting story! I was actually introduced to children’s parties by a friend of mine who was doing them at the time. It was such a fun way to work, so fun that it didn’t really feel like work at all! Every weekend I got to dress up as a fairy or a princess or sometimes both one after the other….and spread a little magic all over Sydney. It gave me so much pleasure to see the smiles on all of the little faces at the children’s parties I attended. It really made my heart sing and to me there is nothing better than brightening a child’s day! I started Mel in a box so I could keep doing exactly that…..keep inspiring little imaginations to believe in magic and entertain them with fun and games to make them happy.

My most important job…..

Today, I mum to Lola Bella Butterfly and she is honestly the wind beneath my wings. I dreamed about her long before she was born and asked the Angels to send her to me long before she came. Together we make a dynamic mother/ daughter fairy team. I love partying and socialising, food and a good laugh! I love dressing up and being silly, dancing and singing and guess what? It looks like the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Lola is shaping up to be quite the entertainer and lover of dressing up, parties and having a great time. It’s so special to be able to bask in the innocence of fairies and make believe with her and I am so happy that at 6 she is still willing to use her imagination and go to this magical world….too many children today are older than their years!

Heart centred business……

I started this business many years ago when I was in my 20’s and for many years it has really been a hobby on the side whilst I have been working on a career in Advertising Sales and Marketing. I have taken a gigantic leap out of the corporate world to really focus on my hearts desire and I have landed right back where I started many years ago. Mel in a box is now my focus and I have big plans for this business moving forward. This is a heart centred business with the aim of spreading a little magic to the lives of children and I plan to do this in many ways and build a team of magic makers to help me reach more and more children.

Why am I doing this……

My desire is to entertain, delight, inspire creativity and imagination, make people smile, empower children to be themselves, spread the magic, foster belief in make believe, heal through happiness, spread joy and love, let kids be kids and assist adults with this process.

I am……

A woman on a personal journey of self discovery, I live right on the beach and can’t imagine being far from the ocean ever again. I have a gypsy spirit and love the idea of traveling the earth wild and free. I am attracted to all things bright and shiny, colourful and creative and have learnt that taking time to stop and smell the roses is what life is really all about. I love meditation and energy healing, green smoothies (so cliche’d I know!), keeping fit and am an advocate for conscious growth. I am a lover of life and I am so happy to be focussing my attention on a business that brings me joy and lights me up inside.

Love Mel xxx