Mel in a box was started in January 2003. The name of the business was designed to reflect the character of the owner Mel, and without going into too much detail, is made up of lots of fun and games. The name Mel in a box came after the logo design. Whilst undertaking a short graphic design course Mel was asked to design a logo to represent her personality. The little girl, wearing a princess crown whilst jumping out of a box and winking was the result of this assignment. We are all familiar with the loveable jack in a box of years gone by, well today we give you a brand new kind of fun – Mel in a box Children’s Parties!

For at least 5 years preceding Mel in a box, Mel was happily working for someone else’s weekend party business.  This is where Mel received crucial training and experience with children’s parties all over Sydney. Her vast experience, at hundreds of parties, has set her up with the knowledge of what works and what doesn’t work and ensures that your child’s next party will be terrific fun for the children, without the frustration for the parents.